Keri Ann O’Riordan
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been hooked on Trader Joe’s. I think it started with my first carton of Mini Peanut Butter Cups… but who can blame me? I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and I’ve never lived elsewhere. When I was in college in Boston, I would venture to the closest Trader Joe’s on a weekly basis. Any of you Bostonians will appreciate my suffering on the green line with a few-too-many brown bags teeming from my arms. Since then, I’ve developed my love of cooking even more, and am thankful that I finally have a TJ’s nearby. I found Trader Joe’s List, loved the idea behind the blog, and wanted to contribute! And that’s how I ended up here.

I am currently a public relations professional at a travel company in Boston. I also like to run, take cooking classes, get lost in a great book, and hang out with my Australian Cattle Dog, who sometimes acts as my recipe tester (in other words, steals food when I’m not looking).
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Mary Shirley

Hi, I'm Mary and I blog over at Gold Layer Cake. Gold Layer Cake follows my life and interests in food, baking, and fitness. I life a pretty healthy lifestyle, but baking and eating sweets is one of my favorite things in life. I recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona with my husband and two perfect dogs. I had never even been to a Trader Joe's until my recent move to Phoenix but I am now obsessed! I've been making anything and everything Cookie Butter (Cookie Butter and Cocoa Swirl Cookies and Cookie Butter Pound Cake). That stuff is addictive! I'm excited to be contributing to Trader Joe's List!

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Lee Cordon
Hi I’m Lee and I delight in sharing how to do, say, and give in more lovely and gracious ways. My blog is DoSayGive and ever since Trader Joe’s arrived in Texas, it’s been a frequent stop of mine. Not only do I shop great foods for my husband and three young girls at Trader Joe's, but I also find wonderful goodies for thoughtful and easy gifts. I have to say, as a former wedding planner I am rather picky when it comes to details and flowers and presentation. But Trader Joe’s seems to always gets those things right, and at reasonable prices. So join me as I share creative ideas for you and for the ones you love. 

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