Turkey Jerky (natural)

Turkey- as a place, fun.
Turkey- as a lunch meat, a staple.
Turkey- as a holiday meal, sleepy.
Turkey-as a jerky, uber yum.

Turkey Jerky as a snack, perfect!!!

Don't worry, it won't make you sleepy! Not too thick, not too thin, not too sweet. All in all, this yummy treat has all the qualities one would want in a Jerky. And jam packed with protein and zero grams of fat, you'll be running around town gobbling this up!

Call me skinny, but is there such a thing as Turkey Races?

Get Nutrition Facts HERE.


  1. Are the turkey's raised on a free range? Are the farms that Trader Joes buys turkey meat from cruelty free?
    Thank you, Nic

  2. id say probably


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