Soft-baked Snickerdoodles- Gluten Free

My plan was to write about these delicious cookies while eating a few and unfortunately I am unable to do so because someone (I will find you) ate all the my cookies. I was told about these soft, chewy cookies one afternoon by a fan of Trader Joe's. I immediately jotted them down in my mental Trader Joe's List and 2 days later I totally understood what the hype was about. Their name on the box is a mouthful, but describes the cookies to a tee with the exception of not mentioning they are extremely addicting and extremely at risk of getting eaten by those around you; so be careful and choose a good hiding spot.

Trader Joe's Soft-baked Snickerdoodles Chewy Sugar Cookies Dusted with Cinnamon Free of the 8 Common Allergens Vegan Option No Gluten Ingredients Used

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The last time I bought these ( I'm still steaming over the fact I only had 2 from the entire box of 12) the guy working the register provided me with a fantastic tip- heat them in the microwave for a few seconds, put them on top of a scoop of ice cream with Cookie Butter on top. How was that mental picture? I about died imaging how the whole ménage à trois would go down and how it would be repeated until every last cookie was delivered into the pit of my stomach. So naturally, I paid and jolted out of Trader Joe's before I took his advice and packed on a delicious 10 pounds. (But seriously, I am going to try this sometime soon.) If you beat me to it, leave a comment about your euphoric experience.


Did you find the newest Fearless Flyer in your mail box recently? I am utterly amazed at the amount of PUMPKIN influenced items suggestively staining the first 5 pages. This is certainly nothing to complain about and definitely worth sharing. Which one are you most excited about?

  • Pumpkin Bread
  • Pumpkin Spice Coffee
  • Joe's Pumpkin O's
  • Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix
  • Pumpkin Rolls with Pumpkin Spice Icing
  • Pumpkin Ice Cream
  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins
  • Pumpkin Spiced Pumpkin Seeds
  • Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake Mix
  • Mini Pumpkin Pies
  • Nonfat Greek Pumpkin Yogurt
  • Pumpkin Spice Granola
  • Pumpkin Waffles
  • Pumpkin Croissants
  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese
  • Pumpkin Bagels

Super Bowl = It's Wine Time!

The Super Bowl is a perfect time to stock up on beverages for your Super Bowl party. If you're a wine drinker (like us) then you will be stocking up on some of your favorite wines from Trader Joes. With dinner parties and lots of time spent with family and friends there are a host of reasons to stock up on more than just 1 bottle. Her are a few wines you can find at your local Trader Joe's which we think you might enjoy.

The best way we like to start a party (or morning mimosas) is with a light sparkling wine aka Champagne aka Cava. With its persistant bubbles, crisp taste, and smooth finish we recommend La Granja 360  as it is a great wine to pair with appetizers, smoked fish, or fruity deserts. Just like the duck on the label it will make you happy.

Half-time snacks and appetizers? Open a bottle of Zumaya Tempranillo. With its soft and delicious taste this wine pairs great with meats, cheeses, pasta and pizza. This wine is sure to be a crowd pleaser as it won a Gold Medal, 90 Points, at the  Los Angeles International Wine Competition 2013!

I've always enjoyed bringing the crockpot out before the game and tossing in a lamb or beef roast to slow cook all day for a delicious meal after the Super Bowl. I would recommend LA MANO Mencia Roble as it pairs great with red meats. Its deep red colors provide earth notes followed by tastes mulberry and blueberry and hints of spice. I like to decant this wine about an hour before serving to allow the fruits to open up.

I hope everyone has an amazing Super Bowl! Cheers!


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