At first glance it looks like a yellow submarine. At second glance it looks like yellow torpedo. Never did it look like a yellow submarine shooting a yellow torpedo. But, that is not to say that your taste buds wont explode with yumminess once this yellow torpedo comes crashing into your taste buds! In an interview with taste bud #134B and taste bud #694C we gathered the following:

"Wow, this is AMAZING! It's so tasty it absorbs all the flavors it's cooked with"-- TB #134B
"I agree, and it has a light, corn-y flavor and great texture!"--TB #694C

Well, folks, you've heard it from the buds who invented taste: this healthy, gluten-free item is tasty and extremely versatile. It can be mashed, fried, sautéed, and most importantly eaten breakfast, lunch, or dinner! So go get yourself some polenta tonight and wip up some fun.

Call me skinny, but we heard through the grapevine that if you forget the name POLENTA, and ask for someone to help you find the yellow torpedo...they might just know what you're talking about.

Nutrition Facts HERE


  1. My favorite way to use this polenta is to slice it, grill it and top it with a piece of brie and mango chutney. Can be an appetizer or even a casserole. So good!

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