Delightful and Easy Holiday Gift Crates!

During the holidays Trader Joes carries delicious seasonal chocolates, nuts, and wines. Its so easy to use these gourmet foods to put together a beautiful and thoughtful gift, without spending a lot of time or money. 

I put together three fabulous gifts that are great for a variety of occasions:

1. Holiday Delicacies Gift Crate -

This is perfect for teachers, family friends, or someone else you want to do something nice for but dont want to spend a ton of money! I picked some of my Trader Joes favorites for this fantastic gift. Everything Ive chosen is delicious, but you can choose more or less expensive things depending on your budget.

To make this beautiful gift, start with a medium-sized crate from Michaels (or use a wide, flat basket from home). Line the bottom of your crate with clear plastic wrap, newspaper, or recycled grocery bags. This prevents little pieces of straw from falling out of the bottom.

Fill the crate with straw and arrange your items as you see fit. Larger items in the back, smaller in the front. A few tips: I took the dark chocolate orange out of the box for a better visual and I shook the pecan bag because they had settled. I also took the Cookie Butter Cups (yum!) out of the plastic container and sprinkled them around for a more festive look!

Add whatever ribbon you have on hand and this gift basket looks like you spend a lot more than $40!

Items used:
-Milk Chocolate Belgium Crisps ($2.49)
-Dark Chocolate Orange Break ($2.99)  - these are divine and so much to break open!
-Holiday Peppermint Cremes ($2.99)
-Dark Chocolate Cookie Butter Cups ($4.99)
-Holiday Chocolate Minty Mallows ($2.99)
-Pecan Halves ($4.49)
-Holiday Sea Salt Caramel Candy ($1.99)
-Sparkling Apple Cider ($2.49)
-3 Christmas Tree in a Gold Pot ($4.49)
-medium-sized crate from Michaels (reg. $9.99 but with a 40% off coupon it is $5.99).
-straw filling ($4.99) from Michaels (this is enough for multiple gift crates).
-ribbon (Optional or use what you have on hand; mine is from The Container Store)
Total = $40.89 + tax

2. Beautiful Assorted Fruit and Pinecone Crate

A basket of fresh fruits is always a welcome gift! This one mixed with pine cones smells absolutely divine. And its so pretty that it can be left out on the kitchen counter for everyone to enjoy. I love this gift for neighbors, bosses, and teachers; its a little more personal than a gift card.

To get this color blocking look, put the pinecones in first, then the fruit.

You can even wrap it with burlap ribbon to give it a more earthy feel:

Items used:
-Bag of DAnjou Organic Pears ($2.69)
-Bag Jazz Apples ($2.69)
-Bag of Tangerines ($2.99)
-Bag of Pinecones ($2.99 from Michaels)
-Medium Crate ($5.99 from Michaels after 40% off coupon)
-Straw (used leftover from first gift)
-Ribbon (Optional or use what you have on hand; mine is from The Container Store)
Total = $14.36 + tax

3. The Perfect Hostess Gift

It is always gracious to arrive at a holiday party with a gift in hand. This hostess gift brings a little more thoughtfulness to the standard bottle of wine often brought to parties.

Grab your favorite Trader Joes spread or tapenade and a mini baguette and add your favorite bottle of wine to create a hostess gifts that really pops! (I used the small crate from Michaels for this gift).

Items used:
-Laurent Dublanc Cotes du Rhone ($6.99)
-12 oz. Bruschetta Sauce ($2.49)
-Demi Baguette ($1.19)
-Small crate from Michaels ($4.80 with 40% off coupon - reg. $7.99)
-Straw from Michaels (used leftovers from previous gifts)
-Plastic wrapping paper from Michaels (Optional - I always keep a roll of this because I use it all the time! See link below.)
-Ribbon/Card - I used what I had on hand (mine are from The Container Store)
Total = $15.47 + tax
The great thing about gift baskets/crates is that once you have the standard materials (straw, ribbon, plastic wrap) they are so easy to pull together in a just a few minutes.

What seasonal items do you love at Trader Joes? Comment below and consider packaging them together for a great gift. Post on Instagram if you do and tag @traderjoeslist and @dosaygive!

Happy Giving!

Lee @dosaygive
@dosaygive on Instagram and Twitter


Small crate:

Gift enclosure card -


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