Chocolatey Cats Cookies (For People)

LOW FAT (For People)

Have you ever wondered what is meant by the expression "the cat's meow"? Well, lucky for you @traderjoeslist has the answer! The expression actually means 'EAT Trader Joes Chocolatey Cat Cookies'....and it also means 'something considered to be outstanding'. But clearly the two meanings are one-and-the-same...kinda like an egg--you can have it scrambled or sunny side up, but either way you're still having an egg. You can have a CCC or 'the cat's meow', but either way you're having something considered to be outstanding. Keep in mind when the ever infamous, controlling sweet tooth start's talking, these cookies are your carrier food away from tempting, guilt-full sweets like milks favorite cookie Ore(oh-no)! To tell you the truth, the latest gossip magazine revealed Milk is having an affair with Oreo's and it's no secret it's with Chocolatey Cat Cookies. Let's put it this way, it doesn't matter if you're drinking Soy, Rice, Hemp, Almond, or Moo-Cow Milk, the CCC's don't judge; they completment each variety of milk and promise to shut up that nagging sweet tooth. Go ahead and send your sweet tooth on a much needed vacation and enjoy some CCC because one serving of 15 CCC carries only 120 Calories (vs 2 oreos 100 calories!)? Not to

Call me skinny, but I think I hear meowing at your local TJ's :)
Get Nutrition Facts HERE


  1. I absolutely love these. The problem is, so does my cat. If I have the container open, she usually comes sniffing around. Shes even ran off with one once!

  2. Does anyone know where these are made? I really lik them but I can't find the info

  3. I think these are Vegan also? Can anyone confirm? If so, there should be a big V on the label to tout the fact!


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