ananas! Natures pre-packaged food to-go! They are hard to miss with their mellow yellow skin. The banana confidently provides loads of potassium, vitamin B-6, magnesium and makes a great snack any time of day. Peel a 'nana and place it in the freezer for an hour then layer it with some greek yogurt and you will have yourself a delicious, healthy treat packed with protein and  great texture! At only $.19 you can't go wrong!

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Call me skinny, but did you know that you can open a banana upside down? (some say it's easier!)

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  1. Hi Trader Joe's List!

    I just wanted to drop by with a proposition. I noticed one of our artist's featured art displays pictured on your blog post on bananas (submitted and featured on our TJ's Artist Hub blog here:

    We had already added a link to your page on our "TJ's-related links" and was hoping since our imagery is being showcased here, maybe you would consider the same?

    May we make a banner to have featured on your blog column somewhere?

    Thanks so much!

    -TJ's Artist Hub


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