Chocolate Croissants

There are things that don't mix:
1) oil & water
2) alarm clocks & the weekend
3) speedos & the beach

Then, there are things that do mix: 
1) chocolate & croissants 
2) chocolate croissants & your oven
3) warm, flaky buttery chocolate croissants & your mouth

Try these today and you'll be happy you mixed chocolate croissants into your Trader Joe's List. 

Get nutrition information HERE

Call me skinny, but you'll be happy to find 4 croissants per box. Is that sharing size? 


  1. I LOVE these croissants! One of my breakfast treats from Trader Joe's! I even added it to my list.

  2. Wow. I'll probably be buying these soon. I kind of overlook the whole frozen food section, except for the tamales, chili and cheese are amazing.

  3. I love these, but the calories kill me! Every Christmas we do have the Trader Joe's regular croissants! Yum!


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