Chocolate Cheddar Cheese

Love is in the air at Trader Joe's this February and so is Chocolate, that's why Cupid Joe got crafty this year and decided to marry our two favorite C's together this Valentine's season. We now present Mr. & Mrs. Chocolate Cheddar Cheese. It's the perfect couple made in taste bud heaven-- the sharpness of Mrs. Cheddar is balanced out perfectly with the creamy, dark personality of Mr. Chocolate. Let yourself fall in love all over again at first bite, but hurry up because the couple of the month is only here for a very limited time.

Call me skinny this Valentine's Day and show your loved one you care with a slab of Chocolate Cheddar Cheese.

-- @traderjoeslist: eat lots, for a little.
          photos used from Trader Joe's


  1. I just tried this last night! Too good! The chocolate really shines through.


  2. This cheese was sooooo wonderful with red wine!!! My husband and I introduced several friends to it and they too loved it. We were all very disappointed to learn that it was a one time deal. Make more Trader Joe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not available anymore!?...I was so sad. I really want them to bring it back permanently. I went to two separate locations in search of this jewel, but unfortunately it was gone.... Bring it BACK!!!

  4. This was so good crumbled on salad with the cilantro salad dressing. Bring it back! I would eat it every day!

    1. I went to TJ's today looking for it - really have a hankerin' for it! The employees loved it too - we all want it back please!!

  5. I love this cheese! l live in Philly were it is no longer available. Bring it back, Please please please!


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