Trader Joe's Double Creme Brie with Truffles
"Truffles" is one of my favorite words to hear and one of my favorite foods to taste. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was virtually flipping through the fearless flyer and came across this title. I immediately told my sister sitting next to me "Oh my gosh, Trader Joe's now carries Double Creme Brie with Truffles!". Her draw dropped to the floor and while I was helping reattach it, I decided I would also share this wonderful news with you.

I will definitely be picking this up in bulk especially since it is only $7.99 for a 9oz wheel. According to the Trader Joe's website, the Double Brie with Truffles Cheese is rich and creamy with an earthy salty flavor imparted by the Perigord black truffels. Well, I'm sold. I hope you are too.
Yes, your mouth is watering. Yes, you are excited.


Did you know: 

  • Pigs, trained dogs, and goats are used to scout out truffles with their superior sniffing sense (but in our case, we can just go to Trader Joe's)
  • France is the largest producer of truffles (yes, this cheese is a product of France, Oui Oui!)

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