Trader Joe's Monkey Business Trek Mix

Monkey Business is good business especially when it is referring to Trader Joe's Monkey Business Trek Mix. Packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats and just enough sweet to tame your sweet tooth, you will be wondering why you waited so long to get hand deep into a bag of Trader Joe's Monkey Business Trek Mix. The business plan for this monkey contains peanuts, banana chips, chocolate clusters, and dried cherries. That's a good return for any hand! 

Just the tipTrek & trail mixes help keep your blood sugar levels constant.  This helps you to avoid the "roller coaster effect."  If you have a carefully measured portion of nuts or trail mix at around 2 pm, you'll avoid that 3 pm crash.  Avoiding the 3 pm crash could mean avoiding those stale doughnuts or birthday cake the office is passing around! -myfitnesstrainer

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  1. What happened to this stuff?? It has been missing from stores' shelves since November 2013!! Bring it back! Please!


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