Savory Edamame Crackers

Okey dokey--here's the story...I was in TJ's, wanted to buy some wasabi peas and I stumbled across this delightfully savory, green bag. I see the word 'cracker' and rather than being offended, I quickly flipped the bag over to read the nutrtion facts. It was SHOCKING! Only 120 calories in 38 crackers!! The crackers basically sold themselves. And let me tell you, I put one of these gluten free crackers in my mouth and the savory explosion party started (which by the way, you are invited to). I knew I was hooked-for-life--HFL. They are cruchy, cripsy, salty, and definitely dont crumble to pieces when you use them to scoop your favorite dip. I haven't gone into TJ's since my first experience without putting one of these humbling, green bags in my cart.

Call me skinny , but green means GO. Go get yourself a bag, the savory explosion party is waiting for YOU.

Check additional nutrition facts HERE.


  1. I have not tried those yet but I found a new delish treat at TJ called "crunchy curls". It's made out of Lentis and Potatoes and taste like nothing I have ever had. They just put it in the store near me. Has anyone had this one? It is sooooo good!

  2. Wow--never had them! Thanks for the suggestion, they sound delici-oh-so! I'll grab a bag a do a post, check back sometime next week :)

  3. This is one of my favorite snacks! A very lite, tasty and addicting snack - in moderation of course!

  4. Guess what? They discontinued them as of Oct. 1st. I couldn't believe it! I've been addicted to those things for years!! You can buy them from Amazon, but VERY expensive!


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