Trader Joe's Low Fat 1% Milk

Enjoy milk, but find that you don't consume quite enough to buy a half gallon? Then these cute, individual milk cartons are the perfect fit for you and your fridge. Not only do they taste great, but they also don't need to be put into the fridge  until they are opened leaving more room in the fridge for perishables. Great for your morning coffee, cereal, or as a simple Vitamin D pick-me-up!

Just the tip: Did you know that milk is considered "nature's wellness drink"? The cold, creamy white beverage is full of calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous and a balance of other nutrients that have been proven to build your bones and teeth as well as promote the healthy function of your muscles and blood vessels. And in the midst of all the new waters with vitamins, energy drinks, and other artificially contrived beverages, milk is a natural, healthy choice.--sheknows



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  2. "Trader Joe's Low Fat 1% Milk" is a nutritious and low-fat dairy option. It offers the goodness of milk with reduced fat content, perfect for those seeking a healthier choice.
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