A Trader Joe's BBQ

Summer BBQ dish! 
Even though it is September, we can still enjoy Summer BBQs! One of my favorite nights of the week is Sunday as it is a time when all my friends come together and we eat, drink good wine, and laugh. Trader Joe's is the perfect stop for all your BBQ groceries. I love that I can pick up so many items and it is usually half the bill than if I were to go to a big name super market.

@TraderJoesList cooking away! 

Last night we did quite an assortment of items for the meal: grilled eggplant brushed with garlic infused olive oil topped with melted Havarti cheese, grilled chicken breast bites on fresh kale, mini sliders and red bean lentils. For an appetizer we wrapped melon in prosciutto and also had popped potato chips and guacamole. As usual, everything turned to be delicious with barley any leftovers! I definitely recommend inviting Trader Joes to your BBQs. 
Grilled Chicken Breast with Kale
The final dish! 

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