Trader Joe's Pick's for Hollywood Bowl Concert

One of my favorite past time events is attending concerts with friends. This week, I was lucky enough to see Dave Mathews Band at the Hollywood Bowl with the opening act being Allen Stone. We had a great time and of course we packed a Trader Joe’s picnic basket. Here are some essentials I always pack in my Trader Joe’s basket (in reality it’s not a basket, I use one of their reusable bags): 

1) Ginger Beer (mixes great with tequila if you want a lively spirit) 2) Super Spinach Salad (remember to bring a fork!)  
3) Cold Cuts!  4) Smoked Gouda Cheese  5) Bar-b-que Popped Potato Chips ( or Baked Lentil Chips)  6) Balela (Garbanzo  beans mixed with black beans, super delish)
 Hanging with Greg Ehrlich from Allen Stone band. 
Dave Matthews Band putting on an amazing Show!

Always remember the trick for a perfect basket is keep it at finger foods, always bring chips and dips and something fun to drink; don't forget napkins and paper cups! 

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