Recipe: Cookie Butter Pound Cake Cupcakes with Cookie Butter

//recipe by Mary Shirley//

Another Cookie Butter recipe for you Cookie Butter Lovers (AKA ME)!! I've mentioned a few times how obsessed I am with Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter. I actually recently bought the Cookies and Creme version, and have eaten most of the jar without making anything with it. Highly recommend. A few weeks ago I made these Cookie Butter Pound Cake Cupcakes with Cookie Butter Icing. YUM. Cookie Butter Pound CakeCookie Butter Pound Cake-2Cookie Butter Pound Cake-5They were moist and delicious. The perfect combination of Cookie Butter and my grandma's pound cake. Check out the recipe over on my blog, Gold Layer Cake. Cookie Butter Pound Cake-3 c

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