Resolution Waffles (aka Healthy Waffles)

//recipe by Mary Shirley//

The holidays are filled with cookies, cupcakes, and anything else you can think of to make! I am all about indulging during the holidays (that's what they are for right?). But, one thing I will stick with during the holiday season (unless I'm eating cronuts or pancakes), is eating a healthy breakfast. For the past 5 years or more, I've eaten oatmeal for breakfast. Its filling and healthy. But, I recently made waffles with oatmeal, and haven't looked back since! These Banana Oatmeal Waffles are my everyday breakfast. I usually pick up a bag of oatmeal and a few ripe bananas when I'm walking through Trader Joe's and I'm good to go! healthy oatmeal waffle
I literally eat this for breakfast every day. I normally smear them with peanut butter, but sometimes I'll top with a banana, greek yogurt, syrup, or jelly. Really, anything would be great. These taste pretty much like a regular waffle but they are made with oatmeal! These have been life changing for me. Check out the recipe here. IMG_0020   If you'd like to see how I make these things in bulk, so I can easily grab and go literally every single morning. Check that out here. Meal Prepping my breakfasts has been a life changer. IMG_0182

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  1. Interesting approach to the subject, it's all good, you keep going!



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